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Decorated Birthday Cake

Private Party availability and to book, click here:


Private parties are $475 for 2 hours

You receive the whole of Chatter Splatter exclusively for your party guests only.

Your party includes:

-2 hours of exclusive party time structured how you wish. During the last 15 minutes of your party, we will close the play areas to start resetting for the next party. We suggest that this is the time you do the birthday cake.

-Tshirt for the birthday child

-15 mins set up time and 15 mins pack up time either side of the 2 hours

-30 kids and 50 adults (you can add more for an additional fee)

-Unlimited lemonade, apple juice, pink lemonade, and water jugs for the kids

-Unlimited Coffee included for all adults and everything needed (sugar, creamer, mugs, etc)

-A party host to assist you in anything you need. Hosts do not provide entertainment for children.

-Music played over the speakers via Spotify

-Bounce Houses/Slides

-All toys set up

-Soft Play baby area with ball pit (Early walkers and Crawlers)

-10% off at Affamatos Pizza & Italian Restaurant 

Please note:

-Children under 7 months do not count towards the child count

-Children over 10 count as adults

-Parties are designed for 1-6 year olds

-Please bring all food and drink you would like (only restriction is nuts)

-Please bring all paper products such as cups, plates, cutlery etc.


Unfortunately, extra time cannot be added to your 2 hours unless you book both time slots back to back. If you do this, you will get 5 hours for the price of 4.

Party Basics/Terms and Conditions

Food and Drink

You can bring any food or drink that you would like. BYOB of adult beverages are allowed. 10% off at Affamatos Pizza & Italian Restaurant 


We play music (Spotify) for the duration of your party. 


Tipping is not required but if you would like to tip our staff members for great service, they’d

greatly appreciate it! Our staff are there to help you carry in all of your items, help you set up, help carry your items back to the shutter, do all the cleaning/tidying up, keep the juice jugs and coffee refilled during the party. Any questions or help you need for anything else during the party, please ask them and they’d be more than happy to help 

Juice, Fruit, Coffee, and Paper Products

We provide jugs of juice for the children and coffee for the adults.

Please bring all paper products; plates, bowls, cups, napkins and cutlery. We provide

everything needed for the coffee (creamer, sugar, mugs, spoons etc.).


Loading and Unloading

A staff member will help you unload your things if you would like them to. 


Your Guests

We ask that you are responsible for your guests. Approx guidelines are 4 small children on the small bounce house and 12 children on the BIG bounce house. No adults are permitted on any of the children’s equipment except the BIG bounce house (1 or 2 at a time with the children).


No shoes are permitted. Unfortunately, due to the amount of time between parties, the layout of toys and equipment cannot change.

Please ask guests to wear socks.

If you have older children that are misusing toys and equipment, we will need to ask that they stop playing with those toys.

Set Up and Clean Up

Due to our party schedule, we need time to set up and clean up. Therefore, you may arrive 15 mins before to set up and have 15 mins after to gather your things together and depart.Party hosts will close off the play areas 15 mins before you party end time to start cleaning and resetting. This is when we advise you get everyone in the eating area to do the cake. 

Please ask your guests to arrive at the start time of the party (not the 15 mins before). Thank you!


Weather Policy

If we cancel due to weather related reasons, you will receive a full refund IF we cannot reschedule you within 3 weeks. 

If we remain open for the day, and you cancel due weather related reasons, you will not receive a refund.

We try our best to remain open but if the conditions are dangerous for our staff and our customers, we will close. If the party host feels very strongly about remaining open for their party, we are happy to discuss.


Refund Policy

You can reschedule your party to any available date free of charge with 4 weeks notice. If you choose to cancel completely, we need 4 weeks notice for a full refund or 2 weeks notice for 50% refund. We never charge our customer the card fees Square charges us when you book a party with us, however, if you cancel your party you will get your appropriate refund as above MINUS the $15 fee. 

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