Our FAQs

What you need to know

Is there an age limit/minimum?

At Chatter Splatter we want to make this a family experience for all. We recommend that the play area is for 6 months to 6 years. However, we allow children of all ages to come in providing the adults responsible for them are ensuring that they are playing appropriately with the and around the other children and equipment. All children under 10 will be charged as a child.

What are your hours?

As a small run family business, our hours change sometimes. Our hours are typically 9am-12pm. 

How much is it to enter Chatter Splatter?

Chatter Splatter is $8.50 per child, FREE per sibling under 6 months or who cannot crawl yet, and $1.50 per EXTRA adult (one free adult per paying child). Friday night BYOB costs is $10.50 per child.

What is your turf made of?

“AstroTurf uses soybeans grown by U.S. farmers instead of oil from foreign countries,” says BioCel. Soy plays a crucial role in the performance of the turf. The soy polyurethane backing is unaffected by moisture and can be perforated for enhanced drainage. Made from soybeans and postconsumer recycled content, the turf backing has low volatile organic compounds (VOCs).” Please also take note that the black pellets you find are part of the turf. As many people know, our facility is also used for soccer/sports in the evenings during the winter. This is unfortunately something we cannot change. It also give the turf the cushion like softness.

Does Chatter Splatter allow outside food and drink?

Yes. We allow our customers to bring in their own food and drink. Our only restriction is NUTS. Please do not bring any nut products in the facility. Thank you! We also sell some snacks such as goldfish, pirate booty etc. Snacks range form 25c to $1.

I heard you provide snack, juice and coffee, is this true?

Yes! We have a range of coffee out for the whole time we are open as well as different flavor creamers for you to try. We also have 4 jugs of juice and water on the counter for your children (please pour it for them). We ask that if you have a sip cup please use that before the plastic cups so we can eliminate the use of plastic cups as best as possible. We provide cookies for the children only. 

Do you have a no shoe policy?

Yes! As of September 12th, we have implemented a new NO SHOE and NO BAREFOOT policy. Socks only please. We have socks to purchase for all ages for $1.50 a pair. Additionally, no strollers will be allowed on the turf. Thank you for helping us keep Chatter Splatter healthy and safe for our children.