Any person who enters the building must get a no touch forehead temperature check upon arrival.


All staff and customers 6 and older MUST wear a mask covering their nose and mouth at all times except when sat down eating or drinking. If you have a medical condition and cannot wear a mask, please come again once covid19 restrictions have been lifted. This is to keep everyone including yourself safe. Face shields will be accepted for those who cannot medically wear a mask.


Staff will be conitnously cleaning during open play to ensure a safe play environment. This includes toys, tables, chairs, handrails, counters, door handles etc.

The Fogger

Before and after EVERY play session we use our bioblaster over all toys, bounce houses, floor, air etc. Please visit https://bioblasting.com/the-technology/ for more info.


Our coffee and juice water is back to self serve but we ask that you please sanitize your hands with the provided santizer before handling. We no longer offer fruit but we still proivde cookies that are now prebagged for your safety. 


We are operating at a 50% capacity for your safety. Our building is over 16,000 sq ft so we have plenty of space to safely play. 


Everyone will be assigned a shelf number upon arrival. These shelves are cleaned before and after each play session. This allows for a safe space for your belongings separately from others. 


Please pre purchase your open play tickets on the open play tickets page on this website. We are using this to manage capacity each day.